• Shipping Cost?

    The Workshop offers free shipping for all orders!

    • Where is The Workshop located?

    The Workshop is located in the beach town of Wilmington, NC!

    • Where do you get the wood for your jewelry & accessories?
    I have multiple sources for the woods I use.
    For the domestic type woods (walnut, oak, maple) I buy new locally sold  woods, as well as, getting smaller drop pieces from other local makers.
    For the exotic woods (ebony, padauk, leopardwood) I have a supplier in the US that sources from other countries.  Here is their statement on responsible forestry:
    "We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that Responsible Forestry Practices are being followed. Our log and lumber suppliers actively combat illegal logging, and have policies in place regarding planned felling, minimum tree diameter, and felling rotation to ensure regrowth."
      • Where do you get the vinyl records for your jewelry?

      I have multiple sources for the vinyl.  I've used scratched or warped records from my own record collection, from various record stores and collections being tossed out.

      • Will you do commissioned projects?

      Yes!  I have done many custom projects over the years.

      For example: I have made jewelry from customer supplied woods and other materials, as well as, my standard work with added features requested by customers!

      I've done wood jewelry from a fallen oak tree on family land.

      I've also done guitar string earrings from the strings off a family guitar.

      Have an idea? Let me know! 


        • Other questions?